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  上海翻訳/通訳会社 Multimedia localization translation

      We have comprehensive multimedia localization equipment and well-trained professionals selected from resource pools or domestic-leading multimedia service agencies.
      We accumulate rich multi-language recording experience and configure skilled internal sound and recording engineers to ensure the accurate implementation of multimedia localization project.
      Multimedia localization is a complex process ranging from the screen text and voice text translation, recording and post-production to the end product integration.
      We could save your multimedia information on DAT, audio frequency or data CD or the most common computer media, could provide the common uncompressed or compressed digital audio and video, and could also deliver electronic documents to you through e-mail and FTP.
      We provide the following multimedia localization services:
      Voice prompts of telephone and other computer systems
      Audio books
      Education and entertainment
      Audio and data CD-ROM
      Audio and video post-production
      Audio and video digitalization
      Voice localization services
      Multimedia courseware localization services
      Corporate and AV presentation video