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Website Localization and Translation

You've built your website, slaved over the navigation, the copy and the payment procedure.

You've paid clever web marketing people a bucketful of cash to ensure your site is the most visited on the planet.

But, even though you can ship your products anywhere in the world, all your orders are coming from the UK or the US. You've checked and you come in first position on the search engines in every country.

So where are your orders?

The answer's simple. To sell in foreign markets you need to speak in their language. So, although your customers can find your website, they can't understand your offer, so they use a local site.

Let's look at a few statistics:

·       Web users are four times more likely to purchase from a site that communicates in the customer's language (

·       Over 100 million people access the Internet in a language other than English.

·       Over 50% of Web Users speak a native language other than English.

·       Visitors stay for twice as long (Site stickiness is doubled), if a website is in their own language (Forrester Research).

Pain free website translation

Website translation doesn't have to be painful and working with us will ensure it isn't. We can work directly with any file formats ensuring there is no copying and pasting for you. 

If you have a content management system then we can integrate directly with that using our Web localization service. This ensures that the language versions of your site are always in sync with the source text and you don't have to do a thing. 

What file formats can you work with?

Websites use vast numbers of documents in lots of different file types. To enable us to translate your website we just need the source files. We've not found anything yet which we can't handle, but there's always a first time. Here is a list of the most common ones.

·       HTML

·       XHTML

·       XML

·       JAVA

·       FLASH

·       CSS

·       ASP

Once our work is complete we'll pass you back your finished translated website, ready for you to upload as your truly localized website.

We do the hard work, you take the glory.

You've quite rightly already spent your time and money on constructing your website. You don't want to spend loads more time giving the site back to your developers and hoping they can get your website translation right.

All you need to do is pass us the source files. We'll translate them and pass them back, ready for you to upload them to the Internet and quite rightly take all the glory for having your website successfully translated.

Translation and localization

Our translators will then work directly on these files and ensure that not only are the pages translated accurately but that all the content is localized as well. Having the pages localized is something that is really best left to our in-country translators. They know the local customers and will ensure that your translated website really speaks to your target country.

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