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Conference interpretation & Simultaneous interpretation

      Conference interpretation, as a specialized vocation providing services for cross-language and cross-cultural exchanges, takes the high-end position of interpretation, including consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation.
      Consecutive interpretation - The interpreter sits in the conference room, listening to the speech in source language as well as making records. When the speaker has made conclusions or stops for interpretation, the interpreter will accurately and completely repeat all the information in the clear and natural target language, just as delivering the speech himself. The consecutive interpretation for conference requests that the interpreter should be able to listen to the non-stop speech (5-10 minutes) and adopt good speech skills to completely and accurately interpret all the information.
      Simultaneous interpretation – The interpreter adopts the professional simultaneous interpretation equipment and sits in the sound-proof simultaneous interpretation room (also known as “box”), listening to the speech in source language through headset and almost simultaneously interpreting all the information into target language on an accurate and complete basis, which shall then be sent out by the interpretng microphone. Conferees who need interpretation services could adopt reception device to tune in to the corresponding language channel and listen to the target language through headset. Although this professional occupation is called as “conference interpretation”, however, it also applies to foreign affairs, negotiations, business activities, news media, training courses, radio & television and international arbitration in addition to international conferences. As for the use condition, consecutive interpretation is often used in small-scale two-language occasions such as diplomatic meetings, bilateral negotiations, visit & investigation, small-group meetings, press interviews, judicial and quasi-judicial procedures, banquet speeches, press conferences and mini-symposiums; while simultaneous interpretation, due to its response time and accuracy, has become the most common mode in the conference interpretation and thus extensively applies to international occasions of all kinds. Almost all the formal international multi-language conferences and international organizations (such as the United Nations and European Union) have adopted the simultaneous interpretation as the standard interpretation model.
      Both the consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation are dedicated to helping each party in different language could achieve the barrier-free communication. On the conference interpretation level, the consecutive interpretation and simultaneous interpretation complement each other and have the same functions and quality requirements.
      Escort interpretation, compared with simultaneous interpretation and consecutive interpretation, has lower requirements; interpreters shall be engaged in daily communication as well as business negotiation for sometimes.
      Our latest typical interpretation cases include:
      Roca (Suzhou) Sanitaryware Co., Ltd.: Equipment installation interpretation Spanish --- Chinese
      Zhongzhi Enterprise Group Co., Ltd.: Outbound escort interpretation Portuguese --- Chinese
      Yiruan Technology Co., Ltd.: Business negotiation, conference consecutive interpretation English --- Chinese
      Shanghai Xinrui Technology Co., Ltd.: Conference consecutive interpretation Japanese --- Chinese
      With first-class interpreters, first-class equipment and high-quality services, Acme will make utmost efforts to provide first-class interpretation services for you!